It's been a while....It has been an incredibly busy week but I am finally to the point where I can work on crafty stuff. So I fought with a purse lining last night until I ripped holes in it and flung it across the room. So I will try again tonight. Meanwhile. Last weekend I put together a memory quilt top for a client. Here's the finished product. She did all the squares herself except the ones with photos outlined in black, all I did was put it together since she was having trouble lining up the sashing.
Er....pardon the extremely dirty floor.....I was in a crafty Zone.


Vickie said...

I like the blanket. I didn't even look at the floor until you mentioned it. I was to busy looking at the blanket:)

Also, I got the buttons in the mail. I thought they would be the size of coat buttons, but they are big! So cool. Thank you!

Just say Julie said...

looks good! I still have a pile of Bob's shirts set aside for his quilt. Maybe I can just fly them up there?

Columbia Lily said...

Vickie - I'm glad you like them

Julie - YES.