Hot Pad Tutorial

These are simple and easy to make. I would expect that a novice sewer would be able to do these without too much trouble. If you want the original version from the Long Thread, click here.

Supply List:
cotton fabric
sweatshirt material (you could also use terrycloth)
polyester batting
contrasting thread
fabric chalk or fabric marker

1. cut the cotton into 7" squares, two per hot pad. I like to make sets of three, so I cut 6 squares.
2. cut the sweatshirt/terrycloth material into 6.25" squares, one per hot pad. I had some old sweatshirts from freecycle that I used.
3. cut the batting into 6" squares, one per hot pad.3. Put two of your cotton squares right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam all the way around, leaving most of one side open. You can see on the picture below how much of the right hand seam I left open. Then trim the corners.Here's a closer picture, just in case. Pardon the weird stain on the cutting mat.4. Turn the hot pad right side out and gently poke the corners right side out. Then iron it flat. Admire.....so pretty. 5. Fold your sweatshirt material into thirds and gently insert it into the hot pad. Manipulate it into each corner until it lays flat. 6. Then do the same thing with the batting. If you are using sweatshirt material, put the inner fuzzy side towards the batting. You can see my layers in the picture below. 7. Press the whole "sandwich" for a few seconds. Remember that pressing means that you do not move the iron...pick it up and set it down.
8. pin the opening shut carefully. Then sew a 1/2" seam all the way around all four sides.
9. Then repeat that by sewing a seam as close to the edge as you can, making sure to catch both sides of the cotton where the hole is.
10. Sew a third seam down the center between the two previous seams...see the picture below.
11. It should look like this. You can leave it as is, or you can add a little something. 12. Draw a design on one side of your hot pad using the chalk. Make your design simple with not too many curves.
13. Sew along the lines. You can sew once or more than that...I like the random look myself. 14. Repeat for each hot pad...then use and enjoy!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Those are SO pretty! I love the designs, especially the heart, so sweet! I'll be linking.

Me said...

These are SO awesome! It actually makes me wish I had time to try and sew something! And I am a sucker for hot pads...they are kind of like shoes, you can never have enough of them even if theres already a whole stack of them in the house! ...but alas, my machine is old and i cant get the tension right on it anymore and just the thought of trying to get it working without mom here to help me makes me give up before i start...

Eze said...

Thanks so much! This tutorial is the best! I'm very new to sewing since my "forced retirement" two years ago. I chose this tutorial for my first quilting project. I made cat mats from fat quarters for practice. They were a big hit with my 5 cats.