Really? A White Purse?

Normally I wouldn't make a purse like this, because a white purse is ASKING for a grape juice stain, but this is a birthday present for a friend who is going through a hard time and will be going through harder times in the months ahead. She needs a cheery purse, so.....here's what I made.
The fabric is stuff I've had in my stash forever, it was originally intended to be curtains, but it never happened.
The pattern is a standby pattern I have used several times. It's a pattern from tiny happy, one of my favorite bloggers. The inside is super bright, again because the friend needs some cheerfulness in her life. She likes pink, so I made the pockets bright pink with appliqued hearts. It is really hard to sew pockets on this purse because of how you sew it together, but I did manage to put pockets on both sides. You can never have too many pockets.
I also sorted out some fabric and am considering making some baby blankets. Hopefully I can post pictures of those soon. Have a good week!


Just say Julie said...

very springy! And look at you with your applique!

Antoinette said...

Totally cheerful! And I love the thought you put into the insides of your bags.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The bag came out fabulous! The flowers are so well placed on the front & the inside is nice and cheery! I'm sure your friend will love it!

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Its so cute!! Super cheery, you are a good friend! I hope it makes your friend feel TONS better!