Diapers and Delicacy with a Request at the End

I am FINALLY on spring break, so I am hoping to have a chance to sew later this week. My friend B would like some cloth diapers, so I am expanding my repertoire slightly...we'll see how it goes. I'll keep you updated.
HOWEVER, if you are a cloth diaper person, I did find this site, with a bunch of free cloth diaper patterns on it. I plan on making good use of it. And, if you are a mom who uses or used cloth diapers, let me know what you liked or disliked about them. I have learned a few things....apparently, pins are O.U.T. and velcro or snaps are IN. =) I love me some snaps, so am looking forward to installing some! Also, apparently fleece diapers are the coolest, because fleece is NOT absorbent. So....when you have to clean a dirty diaper, the "deposits" therein just roll right off! I did not know that! Again, let me know if you have some input on things you liked or disliked. She likes pocket diapers (see here or here or here for examples) so I am going to work on those.

And a few weeks back, I made these for a friend going through a rough time....well, actually, they were for her two sons.
They were designed so that her husband would be able to write messages to their two sons on the blank squares using permanent markers.
I used some more printable iron-on transfer paper (I love that stuff! Wish I could find it cheaper...) to do the photos and I really like how they came out. In fact, I like the blankets a lot overall. The background and the blank squares are made out of unbleached muslin and I used some fleece I had on hand for the backing. In fact, the only thing I bought was the black fabric for the picture outlines. I had everything else on hand.
Which I choose to see as a BONUS, not an ADDICTION.
I've heard she liked them a lot too, and that's all it takes to make me happy.

I also suddenly realized that it is April, and I didn't do a tutorial. Any requests? I need to do two, one for this month and one for last month. I was considering doing a sashing tutorial (the strips between the squares in the blankets) but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested. So, any requests?


Kori said...

She doesn't just like them, she loves them. I cried buckets when I first seen them. They are one of the most amazing thoughtful gifts you could have ever given to the boys although they haven't gotten them yet. Richard is writing messages on them as he thinks of what he wants to say. They will cherish them forever. We can never thank you enough.

Julie said...

I used cloth diapers, back in the infancy (lol) of velcros. SAHM weren't even making them yet. Good luck with your task.

I love the very personalized quilts. Look up using freezer paper as a backing so you can feed fabric right into your printer. I bought some but haven't used it yet....

Antoinette said...

Was the sashing explanation for me? LOL

Tutorial-wise... maybe a quilt binding tutorial? I don't even know if mitered corners are possible on a quilt but it sounds like a good idea...