Babies Galore

There were four pregnant women (and one pregnant wife of a teacher) at school this year, so I was busy making stuff! The last shower was earlier this week. The skirt is lined.
This flower is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine...I love that it is 3-d.

School is almost out....only 6 more days! Then glorious summer....where I can sew, and sew and sew!!!!!


Antoinette said...

Babies galore indeed! Cute little skirt, and I do love that flower.

It looks like you've got a button on there, and in case you haven't considered it yet, you might switch it out for an embroidered flower center. New mommies have a very sensitive radar for items that can be pulled off clothes and swallowed/ choked on.

Colleen said...

Tutorials for the visit...
1.) princess skirted onsie (of course with a daisy)
2.) superhero cape
3.) fake fur boots

I am not kidding on that last one either!! Think of the fun I could have in Daisy-Land with some of those in green!

Kori said...

ACK! I love that flower. Ooooo Bigger flower across the front of large hobo style bag. Bright colors for summer. You make it I'll buy it. lol

Reluctant Housewife said...

I love the one with the little tutu. So cute!