Not Completely Idle

I haven't been completely stuck (more on that later), I did do a couple of small artsy fartsy projects for school. Total cost? $1 from Goodwill.

Sometimes we need clipboards for various things...and I wanted mine to be pretty. So I used some of the ginormous stack of scrapbook paper I somehow ended up with (despite the fact that I do NOT, nor will I ever, scrapbook), a couple of awesome stickers from the dollar aisle at Target, and some modpodge, and came up with these: Mine is the one on the right....
Regarding the one on the left, we have to use these official bathroom passes at school, and last year the kids were constantly putting them in their pockets and forgetting them, and then I would have to track them down and get it back, if I could even remember who had the pass. So this year, I put it on a clipboard. And in order to try and thoroughly shame them, I added a little something to the back.

I kind of like them. =)

As far as the stuck part goes....I am supposed to be working on a custom purse for a client who won it in an auction, but in her first email she said she wanted something more tailored than slouchy. In her second email she said "I like the sage one the best (which was slouchy), but maybe not as tailored (it had two pleats). I'm more of a funky person. Well, I'm pretty traditional, too. So..."funky traditional." Does that makes sense? And I don't need it to be huge...just big enough to tote my wallet, digital camera, cell, and whatever my girls toss in on a regular basis."

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. This has sent me into an unexpected tailspin. I am really stuck. None of my current patterns really fits this. I made a pattern, which I really really like, but it seems too structured for what she wants, so now I'm stuck again. I made another sketch during a meeting last week, and it may work, but I still keep going back and forth about this purse!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the exact fabric I want to use and I just need to take the plunge I guess, and make a practice one.

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Antoinette said...

The bathroom pass is just perfect, and I am loving the input from the custom purse client! LOL This is a good time to challenge your creativity and commercial skills, yes? Can't wait to see what you come up with!