In Avoidance.....a Random Assortment

I hereby declare my aversion to all things school related. Including, but not limited to, the enormous pile of grading I already have to do. Who assigned all this work, anyway??????? That person should be shot. =)

The other day I was making my bed and thought to myself, "I really need to replace these sheets, they are falling apart" (but Oh SOOOO Soft.....). The next thought in my head? "I could get some replacements at Goodwill." I blame....er....thank..... Tina, Antoinette, and Wardrobe Refashion for that one.

Project Runway is on TOO LATE for me to stay up and watch, so I never get to see it until Saturday. I watched it this morning, and think that they eliminated the correct contestant (who lies while they KNOW they are being taped 24-7??). That being said, I do NOT like the snarky attitudes currently being exhibited by some of the contestants. Those are the reasons I do NOT like reality tv. However, I did like some of those designs. I need to find some of the earlier seasons to watch. My current favorites are Epperson, Louise, Logan and Althea.

I am involved in a bagswap sponsored by Petchy and my partner and I decided to surprise each other. I checked out her blog, and it looks like she cooks a lot. Maybe she'll make me dinner.

I have to supervise an ice skating outing for the kids tonight....they didn't sell very many tickets, so it will be a piece of cake. It doesn't however, change the fact that I have to go hang out on Saturday night with high schoolers, instead of my usual exciting weekend plans of.......nothing.

Have a great weekend everyone... it doesn't look like the homework fairy will be coming along to take care of this pile, so I should get to work.

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