Once and Done

You know that red skirt from the last post? I wore it on the first day of school, it looked great, fit perfectly, got lots of compliments, and then I washed it yesterday and it shrunk 2 inches in each direction. It's shorter and no longer fits in the waist even remotely.

What really sucks is that I was almost sure that the fabric was 100% cotton and I preshrunk it before sewing it. ARGH. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, and at least I know exactly how to usee this pattern the next time.


Antoinette said...

So sorry to hear. That skirt is super-va-va-voom on you. Please do sew it again. I have never had fabric shrink on me after pre-washing once, but I've heard of people pre-washing three times before sewing, I guess if the sizing feels really stiff on 100% cotton.

Kyle said...

I'm sorry to hear about that too! That also happened to me--I still have the skirt as I love it so much.