Pink and Purple Kid's Bag

Designed specifically for S...let me know if you want changes, want it at all, or whatever. NO PRESSURE!!! =) The bag itself is the same size as the diaper bag I sent, but I put the straps on the back to make it a backpack. I don't have the right kind of buttons, so I will get some super fun ones tomorrow to put on it to hook the top closed, and if you decide you want the bag and you want this idea, I will put G's name on the front of the pocket in iron-on letters. Let me know what you think! It was basically your idea (hopefully), so I welcome your suggestions. I have no small children to try to make this work (and the cats are somewhat less than excited about being mannequins). By the way, it is hard to see in these pictures, but the purple fabric is sparkly.


carla said...

What is the price for the backpack?

Columbia Lily said...