T-Shirt Blanket

A few weeks ago, I picked up some shirts from a client who wanted a 3x4 t-shirt blanket. Normally, I can do these without a lot of thought, but for some reason - perhaps the lack of thought =) - this one gave me problems. First of all, she had enough material for 13 squares, but wanted some of the smaller writing pieces to just be added to other squares so that she would have 12 total. I cut the shirts apart, and for some reason ended up with only 11 squares. I couldn't figure out where I went wrong, so I just created an extra square, which looked great!

Then, I started putting the blanket together, which I do in strips. After I had all the strips sewn and was about halfway through sewing the strips together, I found the missing square. The client wanted to use the original plan, which meant that I had to take apart all of the stitching on the above square. Since this is t-shirt material, it meant that every stitch caused a little bit of stretching to happen, making it harder to line things up when I resewed it later. I got it done though, and took apart the strips, and sewed the pieces where they were supposed to go.

Back to sewing the strips together....and since I topstitch both sides of every seam for stability and flatness, I had sewed 12 seams when I realized I had sewn one strip on upside down. So...back to the ripper (not my favorite utensil) and I had to tear out 9 of the 12 seams. I finally got it done (thank goodness) and here it is....I didn't take pictures of the back, but there is light gray fleece on the back.

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Just say Julie said...

I am totally sending you some of Bob's shirts. He has like 300 t-shirts but he wont throw anything away. Let me know how to get you started.