Movers and Shakers Part 2

I helped my friend move today.....sigh.....long day of packing artists, who aren't that organized, and she is pregnant, meaning she is less coherent than usual.

Also, I have a purse design in my head that wants to be made, but I have NO TIME.

However... I am part of this awesome group of blogger chicas called SITS and they have giveaways from time to time, and this month they are giving away a vacuum from Bissell!! If you want to enter, go here and do so!! Good luck!!!


dana said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. It was a little scary to post my political stance and has been interesting to see the varied comments that have come in. We all have such different political views. It's just nice when the comments (whether in political agreement or not) are kind and not hateful.
So, thanks for leaving a kind comment :).

Just say Julie said...

See that you are drinking the SITS kool-aid. Isn't it a fun/neat blog? always finding the greatest blogs and contests and inspiration. and I feel your time crunch pain.