Christmas Presents part 1

I really am on a mission to make all the Christmas presents this year. I have a list and everything! But....there will be only a few posts on it. I am however, able to post stuff that I make for my sister and her three kids as she does not have a computer, so she won't see it before Christmas. My mission is to get it completed before this weekend so I can send it down the freeway to the parents, so that my dad can take it with him to Missouri in a few weeks...if he can get the car to work. =)

I have two nieces, 7 and 3, and a nephew age 5. They're so cute!!!
I decided to make fun princess fairy skirts for the girls...weird thing, I couldn't find any tutorials, so I kind of just made it up. My nephew's favorite thing is superheroes, which ranks only very slightly above dinosaurs, so he gets a cape. Again, I kind of just made it up after looking at some pictures. Post Halloween sales are awesome - everything was on sale!
the outside of the cape...for lack of a model, I used the ironing board. It's kinda dirtyish. sorry. I made the neck strap with velcro so it can be adjustable and safe.
The lining of the cape.
Cape length is about 29" from neck to hem.
princess skirt for the three year old. It has 4 layers of sparkly netting, one layer of polkadot fabric, and ribbons around the top. The waistband is elastic, and I attached a piece of 4"wide netting to make the waistband adjustable since I have no idea how big E is. It's very puffy and floaty...super fun.
This is the skirt for the older one. It's not as puffy, but is still floaty. There are three layers of netting underneath, and one layer of purple netting on top. I cut the bottom of the purple in a wave pattern which doesn't show in any of the pictures. Then I added ribbon on the top also. This one does not have elastic in the waistband, just a bow, which is stitched down in the center of the front so it doesn't come out.
These were kind of weird to sew. The cape lining had to be cut on the bias since it was kind of wide, and that made it pull weird when I sewed it to the vinyl, and I have never sewed with netting before either, but I think they are pretty cute. I can't wait to see pictures


Antoinette said...

Your nieces and nephew will love these! What great ideas.

Just say Julie said...

Yay for crafty comments! I love the cape, so cute. I'm sure they will love running around the house in these.

Colleen said...

So stinkin' cute!! They will be super excited. Aunt Christy gets the best present award.