Green Grass and Velvet

Finished this purse...not sure what to do with it. I made it from a Lisa Lam U-Handblog tutorial, so I can't sell it, but I do not use purses this tiny. Perhaps a birthday present for someone, or a giveaway....my birthday is coming soon in December....It's not totally finished, but I bought grommets today and will be adding a handle presently. I am kind of in love with it. Green velvet is "da bomb" as the young folks say....

It's so tiny!! (those are inches, my beloved and talented Aussie readers)

The flower conceals the lumps caused by the magnet (heh, heh...sigh) and the button is a vintage button from Goodwill. I may or may not have stolen the silk lower from my mantel. The color is kind of off, it is a rich reddish burgundy with dark orange highlights. The color of the velvet is pretty good, it is a dark grassy green.

The lining is a repro vintage cotton.

The grommets will be installed there on the left, but I am somewhat kerfluzzled as to what kind of handle to install. Any suggestions? The original pattern called for a bracelet with swivel clips, but I am having a hard time finding the clips locally and I can't find a bracelet that pleases me. I am leaning towards a narrow green cord of some kind.


jewelstreet said...

I like it, but I like small purses and bags. I think a giveaway would be a fabulous use for it.

Antoinette said...

From here, the flower really resembles the flowers printed in the lining! Very cute.

Colleen said...

Cute! I like the green cord idea. That should be easy to find during the holiday season. Wish you lived closer to raid canton for a cool bracelet.

Oh, and my kids prefer "legit" or, as seems appropriate here, "off the chain".

tina said...

adorable... but i could never use a bag that small. i drag a carryon with me daily!