More Craftiness

ok, first things first. I got a comment yesterday that let me know that my ring is from Schmancy. Kudos to her!! I wore it today and it was very comfortable!
Secondly, the other thing I bought yesterday was this magnet for my secret santa swap partner. I got it from Dawn at pitter painter. I think my partner lives in Indiana or Illinois or something, so I wanted to give her something from here, and this not only has Seattle on it, but also has the town I teach in listed as well. It is so cool, I really like it a lot. She does great work!!
And speaking of secret santa swaps, here is the rest of the stuff I made for my swap partner:
First, she loves to cook, so I made two aprons. This one is more heavy duty, and has a family tree on the front of it. Her last name and the names of her, her husband, and her kids are on the tree leaves.
This is a hostess apron being modeled by my friend Athena, I saw a pattern in a magazine and kind of made it my own....I like it a lot. If I cooked or wore aprons, I would keep it.
And of course, I made a purse, since that's what I do....this one had to be redone since I made the bottom wrong, but I really liked the way it turned out. The shell is tan moleskin and the lining is plum cotton and pink flowered cotton with gold accents. The pattern is from tinyhappy, although I modified it somewhat.
And here's the green velvet wristlet, which I finally figured out how to put a strap on. I used this cool pattern from one of my favorite handbag designers....I really really liked the way this one turned out.
I hope she likes them!!!


Colleen said...

You are so freakin' talented! The aprons are adorable and what a good idea around the holiday cooking season.

Antoinette said...

Beautiful swap items! That first apron takes the cake!

Zen Ventures said...

I would love to have you as a swap partner! you are so generous! She is so lucky *sigh* - anyway, was giving you back a visit- sorry it took me so long to come by here! :)

Kori said...

Oh she is gonna love it!

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Can you PLEASE be my secret santa (or whatever it was called)?!!! :) Those are all so COOL! I love the "hostess apron" absolutely adorable! AND, I really like the magnet too. Your person is going to be SO thrilled!

--Leann-- said...

hopped on over from SITS

you sure are the crafty one!! I like to pretend I am, but rarely does anything I make turn out well enough for it to leave my house... or even be displayed within its walls. lol

Merry Christmas