Urban Craft Uprising

I went to this today - it was super crowded and there were TONS of uber-crafty people there. It made me feel like I am SUCH an amateur. Which I am. I really try not to steal other people's ideas, because it's, well, STEALING, but there are a couple of things I will be making for myself. $26 for a wrist cuff is a bit steep. I know how much snaps cost.

I met the fabulous Tina of glamspoon (her stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!), who is one of my favorite bloggers, and saw the craftzine booth. There were lots of really neat artists and designers who are incredibly talented. Here are the cards (with links below) for some of my favorites...
clockwise from bottom left corner:
Taryn Davis of Fernworks - incredibly delicate and amazing jewelry
Justin Hillgrove of Imps and Monsters - the Edgar Allen Poe shirt is AWESOME.
Dawn Tyler of Pitter Painter - I got a magnet from her which I will post about tomorrow
the ladies of Yarnia - extremely cool yarn store newly opened in Portland - can we say DIY yarn???
Erin MacLeod - nifty things with snaps, including a snap skirt "that fits no matter what size you are that day"
Amy Mueller of adorn jewelry - very cool moss rings, like mini zen gardens
I did buy two things, one that I will show you tomorrow, and this ring (which I forgot to pick up a card for!)


Antoinette said...

How coooool! Wish I could have gone.

Schmancy said...

Thanks so much! You got the ring from me...Schmancy. www.schmancytoys.com

Thanks for coming!

tina said...

Great to meet you this weekend, Christy! It was a great weekend of crafty goodness... :)

Christina said...

That ring is soooo cool.