The Hot Granny Purse

I have had this purse half finished since Christmas break, but just finally got the right color of lining last weekend. It is still not quite right, it is hard to sew things sometimes using this kind of lining because it is a bit thick. I also thought it turned out kind of long, so I went back when I was done and cut the actual pattern down by two inches so that the next one I make will not be quite as long. I do like the shape of the flap on the front and I LOVE the fabric. I think the fabric looks like something from your grandma's house, hence the name "hot granny."

This one started out as a round clutch, but I had so much trouble sewing it that I changed it into a flat clutch. The fabric is a textured deep-pile velvet that I had trouble finding a lining for. It is cream colored but has a brown undertone so nothing went with it. I finally got some deep pumpkin colored satin, but I think when I use it again I will use chocolate brown, something completely rich. I had only one button like this that I had been saving for a while, so I used that.
I need to work on putting the magnets not so close to the edge, I had some trouble with it pulling the flap all wonky.
I also made some business card holders. Not totally happy with these either, but will work more on them. I did teach myself to install snaps. Very cool. All of these items will most likely remain with me, since none of them are exactly what I saw in my head and none of them are good enough to sell, but I think that all three patterns have potential.


Just say Julie said...

You have been way busier than I have. I think I'm in a crafting funk... I've been online all day trying to find some inspiration.

The "hot granny" is fabulous! I love those colors together!

Kori said...

Oh I love them all with all their quirks. It's what's handmade is all about. very cute.

Vickie said...

I really like the flat clutch purse.

I love the material you used for the granny purse.

jewelstreet said...

Wow! How busy you have been! I love the linings you used, and the biz cardholders are cute. You should do a giveaway on your blog with them. I bet lots of people would love them.

Hope you are feeling better now.

carla said...

Yup, I'm a blogger. My husband uses the term addicted sometimes. Blogging gives me a voice on otherwise mundane days! Just lots of mommy stories... I did put a link to this site on one of my Dec. posts with a pic of some of my sisters with their bags. It's not a great pic and I meant to tell you, but I forgot!

Lizzard said...

I love the "hot granny" purse. The shaped tab on the front is fantastic!