Some weeks are drippier than others

Sorry for the lack of posts...here's one reason why.

AND I broke my last sewing needle and am on an even more restrictive budget this month due to my incapabilities in math so I haven't actually made anything in almost a week. I did find one more needle, which has to last the rest of the month, so I shall be a very careful sewer.

AND...I have been having an interesting discussion with Antoinette (Clevergirl) about copyright when it comes to patterns....as in, is it okay to make something from a pattern that I have bought (for example, from Simplicity or something) and then sell that item?



Just say Julie said...

Awww CL, it's back in the 70s for the rest of the week. Are you sure you don't miss this weather?

Sorry bout your needles. If you were here you could borrow mine... they don't see much action :)

greedygrace said...

Personally, I wouldn't mind if you tried to sell something from a store bought pattern. I can't sew, so I should be allowed to buy a dress I like from someone who can!

Sorry you're having such ugly weather! Hope it clears up soon! (hey, why don't you throw some ugly weather this way? I'd love to have the AC be able to see snow falling!)

Christina said...

Sorry, you can't legally sell something you made from a copyrighted pattern. Although, some companies will let you buy a license for the right to use their patterns in that way. Or you can try burdastyle.com - they are open source and you can use their patterns any way you want.

I hope your needle makes it through the month!

Columbia Lily said...

unfotunately, Budastsyle.com is now charging for their patterns. I have never used their site, but that is the rumor via the grapevine anyway.

jewelstreet said...

Sorry about the weather and your needle. I hope it lasts. I know how you feel. Sometimes I have to stretch my metal to last a little while longer and that is not always easy. :)

Yeah, you can't sell something you made from a pattern I think, but then I'm not sure. I'm sure it would be written on the package somewhere. That's a shame if the rumor is true about Burdastyle.

Vickie said...

To bad about the broken needle. Maybe look inside the couch for some change or a needle, OUCH!

tina said...

email me with your address and your needle size... i'm a compulsive buyer and have an array of extras on hand. i'd be glad to help out a fellow sewer in this economy! :)

Jen r. said...

I think so. That's why it's there... You make it your own with fabric and stuff.. so I say go for it!