My best friend K hired me to make a purse for her mom. Her mom is a elementary school PE teacher who is about 6' tall. She is pretty no-nonsense, but has a hidden feminine layer (she collects Precious Moments figurines!). She needed a purse that could be worn over the shoulder, messenger style, was washable and durable, but didn't have bright colors. She also needed inner pockets, including one for her cell phone that was able to close. So I made this purse for her:
The front is above, and this is also a good picture of the color. I love this color, it is a really dark indigo, very narrow wale corduroy. The lining is pictured below. I don't know who designed this fabric, but I have loved it since the first time I saw it at JoAnns. I want something made out of it! Isn't it great? I figured it is slightly feminine, like my client, but not crazy girly. I love the pop of red in it. This picture below has two pockets, one open and one with a velcro flap for her phone. I put this pocket on the other side using a recycled zipper. This is also the first time I have remembered to put in my tag before sewing the whole thing together. I wanted to put a zipper pull of some kind, so I found some fun polka-dot ribbon in my stash and tied that on.
I found a teacher at school who is close to my client's height and build to model it for me. I didn't take a picture of the strap, but it is 1.5" wide and is adjustable. I also interfaced the purse with iron on felt/fleece, which is the first time I have used that, and all the pockets are interfaced with regular iron-on interfacing, which gives them a great weight. I am pretty proud of this purse. It is the first purse I have made that I have nothing big to criticize about it. I did adjust my notes to make the next one slightly smaller, as I think this is just a smidge large. But other than that, I really like it.


Katy said...

Love the lining fabric, its wonderful, good job on the purse!

Kori said...

love it! As usual.

Antoinette said...

So cute that your bag, like the gift recipient, has a hidden feminine side. I like that print, too!

La Pixie said...

I LOVE that bag. I like the look of corduroy. looks durable.

if I ever get the sewing bug, Im gonna try out some of your easier stuff.

Finding Normal said...

I love it!