Super Sunday

OK, I know this is a gimme title, but it was a super sunday for more reasons than football. And, just for the record, I do like football. And I liked the Doritos commercials the best. But while watching football (and after grocery shopping) I finished up some things I had on the long list of unfinished projects.

First of all, I finished up a small clutch that I made for an exchange. The girl is getting married soon and may have to forego the ceremony due to financial issues, so I felt like she needed something REALLY weddingey. In a box from a freecycler, I had gotten a piece of satin that was clearly from a wedding dress (there were also some hideous bows circa 1990, but I went ahead and put them out of their misery) so I used Lisa Lam's Rather Cheeky Clutch pattern and put a handle on that is about an inch wide.
The purse is lined with silver satin and the interfacing is heavy duty sew-in. I had some issues trying to figure out how to work the handle but I used D-rings and made it work. I kind of like it, even though it screams WEDDING in giant flashing neon letters.
I also sent her this apron, which my friend A is kindly modeling for me again. So much better than the original pictures of the apron draped unartistically around a post. It is not an original pattern, I used See and Sew B5125. Also I gave her some button magnets, a business card holder and a small Starbucks insulated coffee cup.

AND I finished a birthday present for a friend. I am probably giving too much away, but since it was already her birthday last Friday she can see what it is.....First of all this purse, which is my own design. I posted about it earlier, but needed a handle to make it work better, so I added that this weekend.
Also, due to the idiocy of people who talk and drive, especially those without insurance, her beloved Mini Cooper must be retired. So in commemoration of her first and most important love, I made her this little pouch. I think it's fun.....AND, I finished my friend Stacie's birthday present, which was too small. I made her slipcovers for her camera strap as she is a professional photographer. I showed you one already, but these are all four. In addition, since her hands are always cold, I sewed some little rice packets into her gloves using this tutorial, which will allow her to put her gloves in the microwave for a few seconds and have toasty warm hands. No pictures of that, you'll just have to trust me. =)
Hope your superbowl sunday was fabulous.....


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

All of it is super cute! Love that "cheeky" clutch!

Kori said...

Ok so my Birthday is in 39 days. What am I getting?

haha.. just kidding.

I love it all especially the Apron and the handbags are supercute. Geez I just love it all.

Antoinette said...

You have had a very busy weekend! I think that Mini pouch is sooooo cute, esp. the Mini Me on the back. Are you going to sell the camera straps in your Etsy store?

jewelstreet said...

I'm tired just thinking about all the things you've been making.

I'm sure your swap partner will love her things. I absolutely ADORE that mini cooper pouch. It's so fantastically cute. You need ot make more of those. My condolences to your friend on her mini. I've always wanted on even when they were ugly and couldn't imagine getting one then having it wrecked by an idiot. :(

glam.spoon said...

you did have a super sunday! love the mini me pouch.

Just say Julie said...

Okay, you totally stole my idea for C... but that's ok, cause it's super cute. I think I may have her a little something to go with it :)

Handmade said...

LOVE the Mini Cooper!