Rusty Plum Buckle Purse

This was a commission from my best friend K. She has amazing taste, so it made me a little nervous to get carte blanche to do what I wanted. I have posted about this purse before, so I am not going to go into too much detail, but here are the basics:

plum and rust colored linen
interfaced with fusible fleece
lined with retro styled flames in quilter's cotton
4 pockets (cell phone, ipod, camera, and etc pocket)
brass colored accents
It did take me about 2 months to do this and about 3 weeks to do the last part, which was adding the buckle. I still am not completely satisfied, but it is close to what I wanted. I like the wraparound look a lot, but it's not quite right. I like the idea of putting a flower on this, but knowing K the way I do it wouldn't have been right for her. The next time I made this pattern I will do the flower...maybe something like what I made for this project. I also need to flatten the top out just a bit to see if I can cut down on the warping for the flap.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Very cool. I like the way the buckle is on a diagonal. Wrap around look - I like it.

Antoinette said...

Your handiwork looks meticulous, and the design looks wonderful to me. Really great work!

mistika said...

Very nice pursue...I love to sew but I never get around to making purse, I should try it.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Really nice job on the purse. I like the color combination & the wrap around look of the buckle strap.

Me said...

it turned out awesome, Christy! before i would have voted flower, but i really like how the buckle looks.