Gathered Purse Take 2

First of all, I must state that it is absolutely glorious here this weekend, it is a perfect 72 degrees all weekend and completely clear skies, very light breeze....aaaahhhhh. These are the days that make me remember why I love this place so much.

I made some sun tea, the first of the season. I normally put some chocolate mint leaves in there, but I just planted the chocolate mint plant yesterday and want to give it a chance to put roots in.
I also finished this purse last night and carried it to the store today. This is a modification of the pattern I made last week and I must say that I like this one better. It is larger, for one, and I like the top part a lot better. I made it about half as wide and made the slot for the handle much smaller - only an inch wide.
The fabric is from Ikea and the lining is linen. The closure is a magnetic snap...love those things. I did realize that since this is decorator weight fabric, the gathers don't hang as smoothly as the last one, which was made of a very light linen/polyester blend. I also put in a gusset on the bottom of this purse, which the last one did not have. I like the rounded corners on the smaller one but I like the shape that the gusset gives to this one.
I still am going to change one more thing before making it again, and that is that I think if I slant the top of the bag slightly down, I won't have trouble with it sticking out oddly at the sides, right under the handle. It looks fine until I gather it and then it gets a bit wonky.
Anyway, I'm not sure if I am going to keep this, gift it, or give it away, but I do like it. This still isn't the fabric I intend to use when I do get it right though. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for doing a rounded gusset?


Antoinette said...

When you say "rounded gusset", do you mean oval or circle-shaped instead of rectangular? Like you want the base of this purse to be oval/ circular?

Kori said...

Ok so if I send you a bunch of Zfabric that I love can you just make me funky purses. I love it.

glam.spoon said...

great bag!

dana said...

I love these bags you've been making. SO cute!