Hot Mamas

I am not only behind on posting, I am behind on both tutorials and giveaways. So.....in honor of Mother's Day, I am doing both.

A little backstory....It has been a rough year in my real job (teaching high school), so after a particularly bad day on Tuesday, I decided to take Wednesday and Thursday off this week. I slept a lot, cleaned a bit, and finally got to sew. It's been great. I actually feel kind of prepared to face the last 6 weeks of school. (Although nothing will make me happier than seeing the last of some of my kids this year...)

But back to business. I am sure you've probably seen this tutorial floating around the internet, and it's awesome. But...I don't have all those spiffy feet for my machine, and as always, I am constantly trying to use fabric I already have, so I put my own twist on it. It is super easy, I would say even a novice sewer could do this. The giveaway is here today, and I will post the tutorial on Sunday.

So. Do you want these three pot holders? Leave me a comment telling me what you would do if you could play hooky. I'll draw a name on Saturday evening!
They are 100% cotton, lined with sweatshirt material and batting


2WeeMonsters said...

Love the potholders! They are so cute! Plus I've been needing some new ones... so, what would I do if I could play hooky? Since I have two little ones at home I think my hooky-day would be some sleeping in, tea & book by myself, maybe a long solo bike ride and definitely some sewing and art-making time!

Renee G said...

Let's see, I would finish the tote bag that I have started, I would finish the book I have started, and I would make a batch of cookies.


Bonnie said...

I am Queen of Playing Hookey ... as I tell my boss "I am jumping bail". It's actually become an office slang when we just need a day off work to say we are going to "bail out".

Sometimes when I bail, I get stuff done around the house. Other times, I just hang out on the couch with my dogs watching TV.

Antoinette said...

I kind of think I would sleep -- take a nap for sure. And bake a cake and draw and sew. Maybe go to the park and take photos for an hour. I might rent a movie, too. On a precious day off, I would try to fit in as much leisure stuff as possible. :)

Glad you got to take some time this week for you.

Kori said...


Ok you really wanna know what I would do if I played hooky...


That's it.

Just sleep!

carla said...

A hooky day sounds quite lovely. I'd plan to be at a hotel on the beach all alone! I would sleep in, order room service, read and scrapbook. I can always dream, right?!

Just say Julie said...

You inspired me to take a half day today. And when I play hooky I sit in front of the TV with my snuggie and a pan of brownies and watch marathons of One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights. And drink.
But come to think of it, sometimes I spend my Saturdays like that too! I need new potholders CL, I am tired of Bob's avacado green ones.