Mom (edited with a winner!)

Edited - Giveaway is now complete....Random.org says the winner is number 3....Bonnie from Born in a Zoo! Email me with your address Bonnie, and stay tuned for more giveaways...soccer is over, so I will actually have time to sew. And there are only 30 school days left. Not that I'm counting or anything.
I haven't been able to post this because I was trying to surprise my mom, but by the time this posts it won't matter, so here it is. My mom's birthday was last Monday, and of course, Mother's Day is tomorrow, so I made a couple of little things for her. She loves tea, so I had saved a tutorial for a tea wallet. I ended up not using the tutorial and designing my own. I really like it.
I had some issues with the snap...more specifically the snap installer....but I still really like the way it turned out.
It is about 5" high and 6" wide when open. I also made her some hot pads/trivets.
One side.....
....and the other side. Anyway, happy birthday mom (a little late) and happy mother's day to everyone!


Antoinette said...
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Antoinette said...

Whoah! Awesome tea wallet! That's a cute print, too.

I just bought snap pliers today, after having borrowed my friend's the last time I installed snaps. Did you use an awl to make the hole in the fabric? I didn't and it turns out that was the hardest part for me, not actually installing the snaps.