Comment Responses - reposted - and a Winner!

According to Random.org....comment number 12 was it, and it happens to be one of my favorite (and local!) artists - Tina, of glam.spoon! Congrats! Email me with your choice....
I love to respond to comments, but I know that I never go back and check the blog comments again after leaving one, so I thought I would answer some of them here. I linked back to your blogs when I could.

Heather - thanks! I like how lightweight the kids backpacks are, although I don't have kids, I know some whiny ones, and I know that mom and dad usually end up carrying the backpacks for their kids if they are too bulky. I reshot all of my etsy pictures over the course of a few days and was going for the clean and simple look, but I can definitely see how the colored backgrounds could work as well. Thanks for the advice!

Carla - you are so sweet! You have excellent taste and thanks for the shoutout!

Darling Petunia - I agree about the Coke bottle...I was trying to find something to show scale and seem to have a decided lack of things that are common knowledge for scale. I may reshoot those pictures. And as for the lining, that is a good point. I went back and changed the listing. It is a little hard on etsy, sometimes I wish the description changed with the picture. Thanks!

Antoinette - I DO need more models...you're about the right size, want to come visit? =) For some reason, I don't really know anyone with kids here. I am hoping to use my nieces and nephews as models this summer when they come visit.

Natalija - I am not sure if I can order the things in the shop or not, but I will play around and see. That is a good idea. The John Deere bag is the same shape and size of bag and I use that picture to show the way the bag will hang on you. I will go back and make that clearer in the description. Thanks!!

Write Me Beautiful - I really do need another option for the clothing, I really need to make some friends that have kids!! Different angles are a good idea.

Janell - The last time I saw you, you were so little!! =) I do need to find something to use as perspective. I need models, clearly....I have a surprising lack of objects that are common knowledge as being a certain height. Thanks!!! I am so glad you like your bag!

Sara - thanks!!!! I like the t-shirt bags a lot too, I carry one to work each day. I love your blog, by the way, you are a very talented artist.

Chrissy - what a great idea about the photo gallery! I will have to see if I can figure out how to do that on Blogger. It seems lots of people like the Wicked Witch bag...

Writer Lady - there is actually only one page of items at this time. I am not sure how many fit on a page, but I have never had enough things in the shop at one time to bump it to two pages. As far as the pictures go, I have them sized as large as etsy will allow, but I believe if you click on them they will get larger. I will be sure to get them as clear as I can. What kind of information would you like me to include in the shop? I tend to keep the informational section small since I personally do not like to go to shops that have so much info at the top that I can't immediately see what is in their shop. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tina - I like the "teaser" idea too...but I struggle with what the balance should be between photos as art and photos as information. When taking pictures for personal pleasure, I tend to do a lot of macro shots, I love the look of a blurry background with the focus on just one thing in the foreground.

Steph - I love the name of your blog!! I too am a big fan of the pinstripe clutch, if I went out I would use it. I love the wool and the lining on that particular bag a lot, but I only had a little narrow remnant and I don't think I have enough to make another one. As far as the backgrounds go, I do really like the clean look of the white, but I can see that if I am photographing a solid-colored purse that a nifty patterned background could work if done right.


Antoinette said...

Oh, that lucky girl Tina! Thanks again for hosting a giveaway. xo

chrissy said...

I think is is so cool that you linked to all of our blogs! Thanks for the traffic. I will be blogging about you so that you can get traffic back. Thanks again

glam.spoon said...

I am a very lucky girl! decisions, decisions...