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I started blogging on a separate blog about 18 months ago as a way to keep in touch with friends after I moved back to the Northwest from Texas. I started this blog a few months later to keep track of what I was making and gradually started making connections with extremely talented artists and crafters online. Over the last year or so I have really connected with a few bloggers in particular.

One is Antoinette. Antoinette lives in Austin and has a huge amount of talent packed in a tiny frame. She has mad refashioning skills and is famous in the refashioning community for her creativity with men's shirts. Antoinette has bravely struck out on her own and launched a website called Vocabulary Clothing. It's freaking awesome, seriously. If I was tiny like the wraiths I teach every day, I would buy everything in her shop.
Tina is another awesome artist, who actually lives here in the Seattle area. I've met her at the spring Urban Craft Uprising show. She also refashions clothing into beautiful works of art for her company (called glam.spoon )and I love how she recombines sad bits and pieces into delightfully whimsical happy clothes. She sells her clothing through several area boutiques and has an awesomely informative blog about thrift stores through the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

These bloggers (and others) are so supportive of me and I am proud to count them as my friends. So thanks everyone!!

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Antoinette said...

Thank you so much, C. Your support means a bunch. And yes, Tina is pretty fantastic! I'm glad to have gotten to know you both this past year. xo