Purse Lovin'

Despite the fact that I love making purses, I am not actually that familiar with big-name purse designers. There are lots of reasons for this, but I have recently discovered a couple of blogs that I am sure EVERYONE else knows about and have begun my education.

Purseblog.com and the bagcraze blog are both great, and have given me some insight into more of the big designers. I tend not to like really, ridiculously expensive purses and don't EVEN get me started on Coach purses (whatever genius was able to convince millions of American women to pay Coach thousands of dollars to advertise for them is BRILLIANT - but I HATE those purses).
However, I L.O.V.E. these. If I had millions of extra dollars, I would spend some of them on these. The first one is by Jimmy Choo and retails for a cool $1500. This bag makes me shivery and happy all over
This one is by Louis Vuitton and it can be yours for merely $900. I love, LOVE this shade of blue in almost everything, and while I don't normally like enormous gold baubles on my purses, I really like this so very, very much that I want to keep a picture in my candy jar and just look at it instead of eating candy. Which might be the Best Diet Ever.
I have a thing for clutches...which is weird, since I normally don't carry them. Or go out.
Meanwhile, I have been working on a few things for other people...a John Deere bag for a friend's son, a messenger bag for my hairdresser, a black gathered clutch for a recently engaged friend, and of course, school is starting soon and I will need my own school bag. August looks like it's going to be fun!!


Aunt Spicy said...

Those links are fabulous, thanks for feeding my addiction! :-)

glam.spoon said...

My two cents? they're just OK for the price. If I'm plunking down $1500 I want a purse that hails a cab, opens the door for me, and has unlimited credit!

Just say Julie said...

I almost bought my last car because it was that shade of blue. I lurve it! And I watch all those E specials on the world's most expensive handbags and drool :)