Ruffles and Flourishes

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a post by WhiMSy love in which she described her workspace. I was immediately captivated by the pictures of her ribbon, which were in small plastic bags. I asked her where she got the bags (JoAnns) and condensed my stash as well. I started with this....and ended with this.Here is why I like this system:
  1. I can see exactly how much of each item I actually have. Those spools are all different sizes and can totally mislead you on how much you have of a particular ribbon.
  2. I can keep all the ribbons in a smaller container (although I don't)
  3. it is so much easier to dig through my ribbon stash without everything getting all tangled up.

Thanks so much for the inspiration Nikki!!

Other Random Thoughts.....

  • The other day in JoAnns, I found these spools of 1/4" satin ribbon (100 yards each, baby!!!!!!) for $2.50 apiece. I use this ribbon when packaging items sent to clients, so this is awesome.
  • Mom and I went to Pacific Fabrics today...I like that place, it's the only local place I can find hex purse frames. These were sitting by the door. By the way....I was accosted at Pacific Fabrics today by a saleswoman who walked over to where I was sitting, picked up my bag (one of the gathered clutches), asked if I made it, and then told me I should have used a different kind of magnet. I'm sure she had the best of intentions, but still. Grrrrr.....


glam.spoon said...

great organization! Oh, and I just love it when people offer unsolicited suggestions on my work. yeah, that's just great!

Columbia Lily said...

I completely second quessed myself and that purse for the rest of the day. Even though I know that the suggestion she had wouldn't work for that purse, it still bothered me! I don't know why....I guess I need more self-confidence in my own work. I like Pac.Fab, but that is not my favorite one, because I think the employees are really obnoxious and at times (not just this time) make me feel like they think I'm an idiot.