Thanks so much to those of you who were able to participate in the auction for Kori! Shannon says we were able to raise over $1700!
In between trips to school (I am SUCH a nerd!!) I have been working on some crafty stuff....
I made a purse for a friend of mine named Amanda.....she is into music and chose the lining herself. The shell is made out of polyester shantung, and I love the way it looks....very luxurious
In fact, I like it so much that I might make another one with the same kind of fabric shell.
I also made a messenger bag for my hairdresser Yvette. I was using the butter colored one the last time I got my hair cut and she ordered one on the spot. She wanted dark blue corduroy and it is SUCH a dark blue that it actually ended up being somewhat difficult to match. It is the same pattern as the previous messenger bag, and the same material as the custom laptop bag I made during my Selfish Sewing Week. The color is so dark blue that the most complimentary color is actually orange, but she hates orange, and her favorite colors are pink, blue, and brown. She also wanted something that was similar to the lining of the bag I had on me that day, which was kind of a stylized Hawaiian print. So I looked and looked and looked, and finally found the most beautiful fabric at Fabric Depot in Portland. I like it so much I got enough extra to make something for myself, even though I normally do NOT like pink and blue together and am not a huge fan of pink.I'm pretty happy with it, and can't wait to deliver it next week! There are only a few days left of summer before school starts on September 2, so I am working on sewing a few more things for myself before school starts.


Antoinette said...

Ooooh girl, that black purse does look luxe! The messenger bag lining looks good, too. Nice work! I can't believe your school starts so soon already. Hope you've had an awesome summer so far. :)

Sara said...

i am so glad to hear the auction was such a success.

your bags look great. Love the messenger bag!

hope the end of your summer goes very well. take care.