It's been too long

Ok, so I'm still here, but you see that empty space there on the right? There is NOTHING in the etsy shop. I am struggling to find models for some of the fingerless gloves and purses I have in stock, but am aiming for a December 1 shop reopening.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, I am frantically preparing for my parents visit tomorrow, and cooking, and three (soon to be four) tshirt blankets for clients, and trying to make things for the shop, all while spending 10 or more hours a day at school trying to be a good teacher. Sometimes my job gets in the way of what I really want to do.

I'll be back soon, but have a great Thanksgiving in the meantime!


Antoinette said...

Happy Thanksgiving, darling! Hope you slow down enough to enjoy!

Sara said...

"Sometimes my job gets in the way of what I really want to do."

gosh this is just *too* true!

hope you are well and you & yours have a great holiday.