Chain Chain Chain

I have been wanting to make a purse for myself, specifically a larger tote style of purse, which is a little unusual for me. I generally have gravitated towards smaller purses, but have been wanting something bigger. I also have been thinking a lot about chain handles, especially since making this purse a few months back.

So since I had a long weekend, I made this.....I really like it a lot. It has 3 pockets on the inside, including a zippered pocket that I broke the first time I opened it...oops. I knew that it might, since I was working with a new type of pocket construction and sewed it in wrong. The only issue I have had with it, other than the pocket, is that the chains slide off my shoulder really easily. I think that will change if I somehow add some fabric to the straps. I don't know exactly how I want to do that, but there are a couple of ideas rolling around in my head. This is actually the practice version, I have a cranberry colored light canvas/duckcloth that I will use for the actual one. It cost me less than $4 to make...the fabric was a remnant and the chain handles are actually dog choke chains from the dollar store. Sweet! =)

And finally, here is the (iphone) shot of my friend and her maid of honor at the wedding show this weekend. She didn't want adjujstable straps and told me her friend was the same height as her, but looking at the picture, I wish I would have made the straps a little longer. Next time I will remember that height similarities does not mean everything else is equal. They did get a lot of compliments though!


Just say Julie said...

Super cute bag CL! I love those big hobo-ish type bags, especially since I end up carrying everyone else's stuff in it :)

Antoinette said...

Your chain bag is great! The fabric has a fabulous print. You could do the Chanel thing and weave your fabric strap through the chain. So great that you got a photo of the bride & maid of honor bags with their new owners!!! They look happy and I bet the strap length is just right for using even if they look short in the photo.

Darling Petunia said...

Cute purse! I need to sew something new up for myself, because the bag I'm using is too deep. Everytime I want something, I have to empty it out, bit by bit.

OH, and btw, I tagged ya at my blog!