Weekend Projects

This weekend, I had many ideas tumbling around in my head, but was having trouble settling on one, so I did a bunch of little things.

I made cat collars for my two fuzzy roommates....I used the old clips from the store-bought collars I bought several years ago. If silent disdain equals approval, then I think they approve.

I also made a new ironing board cover, since as you can see, my old one was Really Disgusting. Things were sticking to it when I used the iron, so it was time to go. I used some freecycle fabric that looks like a vintage sheet but actually isn't. It is pretty decent weight and nice and crisp. I doubled it up and used some stash cotton batting, as well as some stash piping cord as a drawstring. It is pulling in the center because I added the velcro straps from the old ironing board cover.
I also made new pillowcases from the same material. I don't like the actual material itself as well as I thought I would, so I have been making things that won't really see the light of day.

On Monday morning, I made a 320 mile detour on my way to school, and drove to Portland to drop off some clothes and things for my mom to take back to my sister in Missouri. I would like to extend my thanks to the great state of Washington and the fabulous condition of the I-5 freeway, which rewarded me with this fantastic smashed windshield.


Christina said...

Oh neato, I'm planning to make a new ironing board cover too. I was going to try to find a wider ironing board first, but instead of forking over $100+ bucks for 4" more width of board, I think I'll stick with the board that I have :)

Antoinette said...

Bummer about the windshield! That's a big ol' smashup! Maybe those unused new pillowcases can become simple totes. Your cats and I are very much alike, showing our approval through glances of silent disdain. ;)

Christy (Columbia Lily) said...

@ Christina - do you know anyone who has a saw? You could have a sheet of plyboard cut the width and shape you want and bolt it to the top of your old ironing board. It would be covered with fabric anyway so you wouldn't have to finish it.

@ Antoinette - I am still using the pillowcases, I like the feel of them but just not the print. Since I live alone, I don't care what they look like so much. =)

julia said...

I desperately need a new ironing board cover. Yours is great!! I hate that about your windshield. I hope it's been fixed and is as good as new.