Diaper Bag Take 2

A few months ago, I made a diaper bag for a friend. After combing through my archives for about half an hour, I realized that I apparently had not posted about it.....(ARGH) but she did. Here it is...she picked out the material herself, from Amy Butler, and I lined it with my favorite plum-colored cotton since she has both a boy and a girl.
She emailed me about a month ago and asked me to make another one for her sister, who is pregnant with her first child, a girl. Her sister picked out this fabric from Amy Butler, called Martini Blush.It is a surprisingly difficult fabric to match. The background is not really olive, not really lime, but somewhere in between. In addition, the largest ball design is only about an inch wide, so this was an unexpectedly busy design (we ordered it online). I also wanted to make sure it was dirt-resistant, washable and not too girly, at least from the outside, and at least a little bit classy.
I ended up going with a khaki, almost-canvas-feeling, heavy cotton twill. I used the Amy Butler fabric as trim and I lined the bag with it. The pockets are lined with plain pink cotton and I lined the entire thing with iron-on fleece for heft and protection against leaks.I also added some extra pockets. The original design called for a regular flap, without a pocket, so I added one, and also added a second bottle pocket on the other end of the bag. It's not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I did use a commercial pattern because I have no kids, so I have no idea what size to make things that relate to babies. =)I do apologize for the photo quality, it has been gray and drizzly here for the past couple of days and I took these in my living room in a hurry when I got home from school today.


julia said...

What pattern did you use! Those bags are wonderful. I have a pregnant daughter right now who would probably love one! I love that you lined the bag with her fabric.

carla said...

I couldn't wait! I like it A LOT!!!

Steph said...

I like that you used that fabric for the lining - I think you're right it makes it look much more subtle and classy than the all-over print would've.

Me said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again, you're AWESOME, and that diaper bag looks perfect in everyway! i'm impressed!