Gray Spring Purse

I have been wanting to make a new purse for a while now, and I wanted to make another version of the brown wool purse from a few months back. This particular purse started life as a pair of gray cotton pants that developed an unfortunately placed hole.
I did make a few modifications. The chain handles are a bit pricey, so I replaced them with tapered fabric handles, and I put in smaller grommets on the sides, mostly because I didn't have the right size in silver. The sides are tied with some gray very narrow double-fold bias tape that I got from freecycle.
It is lined with some light slate gray/blue fabric and only two pockets because I messed up on the zippered one. =)
I do really love these pleats.

You may have noticed in the top picture that I added a button and loop as well, this purse seemed to gape open wider than the previous one and I forgot to add a magnet before sewing everything together. All I did when finished was slit the top stitching slightly, insert the loop, and topstitch it closed again. We'll see how it works when I use it.

Sorry for going dark for 2.5 weeks...I hate that.


julia said...

I love this purse!!! You have done a fantastic job on it!

Me said...

I just gotta say, that purse is AWESOME! The colors, the cut...everything about it is just right--nice work!