National Pi Day

March 14 is National Pi Day, or at least it is with math teachers. You see, pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. The ratio itself is 3.14159.... and continues out into infinity. So March 14, or 3.14, is National Pi Day and among math teachers, is celebrated with pie. Because our school day ends at 2:03 (which is a mere 4 minutes after 1:59, the next three numbers of pi after 3.14), in our school, it is celebrated at 1:59 on March 14. (3.14, 1:59).A few days ago, an image popped into my head on the way to school and I couldn't get it out. So this weekend, I sketched it out, made it into a wax paper transfer, and made it into a bag. I think it's pretty cool.....what do you think?

The shell is a really light canvas and the lining is cocoa brown nubby linen-looking material I got from freecycle.


Kyle said...

that is a sweet bag!
gosh, i think i have to put wax paper transfers on my list of stuff to learn.
Have you heard the MIT chant?
Cosine! Secant! Tangent! Sine! 3.14159!

Antoinette said...

That is the cleverest idea I've heard in a long time! Since 3/14 is on a Sunday, will you celebrate on Friday or Monday at school? And what is a wax paper transfer? It is brilliant on the bag! It looks silk-screened. And I love the color palette.

Steph said...

Um, that bag is AWESOME and if you put that logo on shirts and more bags and book covers and, oh, I don't know, stray dogs and cats, I bet you could sell hundreds of them. Seriously, that bag makes me green with envy.