Orange and Fabulous

As I lazily enjoyed my more-or-less last day of summer (did you know that teachers have to go back to school a week before the kids????) I worked on the last of the t-shirt bags today...and for the first time, sold an item on etsy in less than 24 hours! Cool stuff! Here's the bag that sold today (I didn't even have a chance to post it on here!)

And here is the t-shirt bag I finished today! It is lined with very soft sky blue flannel.


Colleen said...

Awesome job on selling something in 24 hours!! WOOHOO! Warning about the taggie...they are patented and the people come after those who sell them online hard core. google it and you will see lots of horror stories. Just don't want you to have to deal with that on top of a new school year.

Columbia Lily said...

good to know. Thanks

Abby said...

I'm so glad your business is doing well. I really hope the feature on our blog helped you out!!