Quick Request for mom readers...

I was commissioned to make a diaper bag...having never had kids, I am looking for suggestions. Washable, of course, and it's been requested to have magnets, not zippers, with room for mom stuff like keys and the phone. Any suggestions or neat ideas you liked or things you wanted in your own diaper bag?

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Antoinette said...

Actually, I had no problems with zippers. It's velcro closures that are generally a drag for me.

Closures in general are good because when the bag falls to the floor you don't want things falling out of where they belong. I'm also a big believer in organizer-type pockets on the inside and maybe just a couple on the outside. On the inside, I want baby things to be separated so I can find important stuff quickly: all the food baggies in one pocket, a bottle in another pocket, my wallet and chap stick on another pocket. I started sewing that little d-ring-plus-spring-ring-thing near the top of the bag to clip my keys so I never had to dig for them (I don't know the real name for these! Email me if you want me to find it online and send a link. They're in the standard notions you'd find at any fabric store and cost a dollar or so).

Hope this helps! Can't wait to see what you make! :)