Stinkin' Real Job!!

You know, in order to support my crafting addiction, I have to work at a real job. And suddenly, here it is, October, and I am not crafting nearly as much as I have been! Thank goodness for an upcoming three day weekend....

I designed a purse while taking tickets at a football game on Friday night, and it is partly finished. However, I am still working some things out in my head, and of course, I messed up already. When I went to pull out a seam ripper, I had gone from 5 to none. Oops. So....off to JoAnns I went this morning, got a couple of seam rippers, and was going to spend this afternoon crafting, but I ended up having to babysit and didn't get to finish it. Maybe this week.

I've also finished designing the diaper bag, and the customer has picked out a great Amy Butler fabric, and I am going to work on the prototype this week as well. =) Yea for progress!


tina said...

I feel your pain! I have a full time day job myself, that lately has demanded more of my time (and energy) than usual. It's ironic too, that often I want to be crafty when I'm at the day job, but then when I have the free time, I want to relax. hang in there!

Just say Julie said...

Ah yes, the magic that is Canton. It is what I look forward to each month. And this trip I was determined not to buy, merely to be inspired. That lasted about an hour in! But I did get some great ideas for fall and Christmas decorations/gifts.