It's funny...a year ago, I barely knew what a blog was. But when you move 2000 miles away from your bestest friends, you look for ways to stay in with them as well as connect with people in your new area. So, I started poking around and discovered the "next blog" button on blogger...leading me to some amazing blogs that started totally inspiring me! Blogging led to sewing, which led to making bags, which led to my etsy shop, which has led to me meeting some awesome people and starting to get some cool press! I noticed today that one of my favorite crafty bloggers put me on the list of their "homies!" So cool! So, I thought I would run through a list of my favorite crafty sites. Please note, those of you I have either worked with or lived with, I am only listing craft sites this time, but I still love you!!!!!

1. Clever Girl has fabulous taste in clothes, she has contributed to my effort to actually sew clothes instead of only things with straight lines.

2. WhiMSy Love is deeply creative. She has such great ideas for incredibly cool stuff and I love how she does lots of different kinds of crafts.

3. Darling Petunia also makes totally cute clothes. She is the one who has really encouraged me to not be afraid of clothing patterns.

4. Lisa Lam at UHandblog makes the most incredible bags I've ever seen. I wish I had even half of her talent (and at least one of her purses!!).

5. One Pretty Thing is the site that has made my "tutorials" folder bulge with the most amazing projects! I don't know what job this chick has that allows her to find all this cool stuff...and post DAILY, but I totally want it!!!!!

More tomorrow....it was hard to narrow this down, so I'll give you 5 more tomorrow. =)


dana said...

Your bags are adorable. I love that you do it with Tshirt material. Really cool.

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Aww, thanks so much! I'm so glad people are enjoying the site! I'm also really excited to check out the other blogs you listed, a few of them are brand new to me! Put me down as another person who is SO glad they discovered blogging! A few months ago my site was just an idea in my head, and now I spend hours a day on it and meet the craftiest people!

Antoinette said...

You're so sweet, homey! :) I appreciate all of your encouragement and nice comments on my blog as I started feeling bored with refashioning. Funny thing is, now that my WR pledge is over, I am still thinking clothing swaps and refashioning!

I actually craft very little and love that you make bags. I have lots of bag ideas that don't make it into reality. Your bags are a lot of fun and well made. I am trying to decide between two of the bags you made in your Etsy shop. I guess I need to check to see if they are both still available!