Very Cool Blogs

I check far more blogs than what is listed, but these, along with those listed yesterday, rank among my favorite crafty sites...

tinyhappy is a blog by a woman who lives in Norway (I think) and does beautiful, intricate embroidery, usually inspired by nature. I totally admire her work!

glamspoon is another woman who lives in Seattle somewhere and she makes the clothes I would wear if I was a slightly different size...I love her look and I think she has great style!

Nicole at Nicole Mallalieu Designs makes adorable bags...but it makes me jealous when she posts info about her classes....in NEW ZEALAND....that I can't possibly go to!! =)

Dana at MADE has really interesting and unique solutions to "problems" when sewing, the clothes she makes are very stylish and totally cute!!

Christina over at Assorted Notions sews a lot of knits...which has almost (but not quite) encouraged me to not be afraid of knits...and she has GREAT style!

Thanks to all you crafty ladies, and know that even if I don't comment, I check your sites every day! (Sad, but true...it's my way of transitioning from teaching to other things)


Christina said...

Why, thanks for the mention :)

And you should definitely try a knit one of these days! They're very forgiving :)

t.spoon said...

thank you very much, lady. :) I'm also new to the blogosphere, so I totally appreciate the cross-posting.