FINALLY some crafty action!

OK...MANY things are following:
1. I won this bag a while back...it came...it's bigger than I expected but I love it.
2. I finally finished the purse I was wanting to make for one of my friends. I have been working a lot with moleskin lately and really like it, except that it walks a little when I sew it. I also really like this particular color. I got it as a remnant a while back and it was something like 75% off because one part looks like someone rubbed axle grease on it. I didn't use that part...on this project. =)
3. I was trying to think of something to make for people at school for Christmas, and since I don't cook, that lets out the usual plate of cookies, and I thought of these...they are magnets. Since we use whiteboards, which are magnetic, I thought they would work pretty well. I am thinking about putting them in the shop if I can figure out how to make the back neater. They are done on upcycled kids project foamboard (I save all old poster projects for making patterns or whatever I need) and I kind of like them. I will probably be making this a tutorial for my birthday week (end of December).
4. My mom brought me a TON of stuff when she came up for Thanksgiving, including 2 file boxes FULL of these upholstery buttons. There is between 4 and 150 of each kind shown in the picture below. I have a LOT of buttons.
5. She also brought me a box of patterns, and a box of fabric, part decorator weight and part quilter's cotton. I have visions of purse things dancing in my head.
6. I'm gong to the Urban Craft Uprising tomorrow...I'm so excited!!!!!


Colleen said...

The magnets are so cool! Please post a tutorial so I can make some "Daisy Deadlines" for the new semester. Two more weeks until Christmas break :)

Antoinette said...

So much stuff! Awesome purse that you won, too -- it's beautiful. Isn't Tina from Glam.Spoon showing at Urban Craft Uprising? If you see her, give her a hug for me. :)

Just say Julie said...

I totally made magnets like that when I got my cricut. I laminated them as well, since they get moved a lot :) So jealous about Urban Craft Uprising!