Frustrated but Reading

My arm is still not strong enough to sew, or rather, it's not strong enough to use scissors or a rotary cutter. On the other hand, I have been in and out of my sling all day today and at least my wrist feels loose enough to type fairly easily on my laptop. It's a little harder on my school computer, but at least it no longer takes me an hour to type a paragraph. But I still can't sew and it's making me CRAZY. What sucks even more is that I can't even sketch ideas out, because while I have learned to do quite a few things left-handed in the last three weeks, I still can't draw left-handed. =(

I am hoping to be able to sew this weekend, we shall see. Meanwhile, while I've been out of commission, I've been reading a lot of blogs and doing a lot more poking around on the internet. So I wanted to post a couple of cool things I've seen hither and yon.

  • I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of PurseBlog. I am learning all kinds of new designer names and have actually watched NUMEROUS slide shows from fashion week. (Alexander McQueen, anyone?? Those shoes are unbelievable, and digitally designed fabric is so awesome!) I have a lot of new ideas, whether or not they pan out remains to be seen.
  • Speaking of purseblog, I almost don't want to tell you this, but they are having a giveaway there, a Katherine Kwei purse. I am only telling you for informational purposes only, don't you dare enter, you'll reduce my chances of winning and as a teacher, when else will I have a chance to own a high-end bag? Seriously. This one is my favorite. I firmly maintain that GRAY IS UNDERRATED.
  • I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Daily Candy. One of their recent posts was on Malou bags. Seriously, how could you not love these? I'm not even a fan of big bags and I love them.
  • Check out these shoes that Tina over at glam.spoon made. Aren't they freakin' awesome? They make me actually want to wear pointy toes and heels. Er....I didn't ask her if I could use her picture. Sorry Tina....I owe you.
  • When I was teaching in Dallas, I was matched with a mentor teacher my first year. We became good friends and she had a lot of influence on my teaching style. Apparently, I had a little influence on her too.....look what she's doing! Way to go Sarah!!!! (She's self-taught!)
I participated in a bag swap a week ago or so, I wasn't able to take pictures but am planning to work on that later this week. Have a great one!

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Antoinette said...

Yeah, those Alexander McQueen shoes are UNBELIEVABLE INSANE. I would fall and hurt myself something terrible wearing those puppies. But the collection did make me want to make a tulip skirt. Right in time for the trend to die out for another 20 years.